I just think fantastic, four and whoever goes into space uh with space x. This. This fall is probably gon na get hit with some gamma ray and turn into a superhero, and i signed up um. If you haven’t, you know, do go sign up because it’s pretty cool so again, spacex is like one of the leading commercial companies for uh space and launching rockets they’re like breaking records this year for the amount of rockets that they’re sending into space for different missions. They had the uh, the crew dragon launched last year with the demo and then the official first uh launch sending astronauts to the space station from the us. For the first time since uh, the shuttle was uh, basically scuttled and it’s, just pretty awesome to see what elon musk has been able to do with this company and to see the rockets um with the things that they’ve been able to do, especially when they land Um back on their own and just all the great things so yeah today was announced that they are targeting no later no earlier than the fourth quarter of this year for falcon 9’s launch and inspiration force the world’s first, all commercial astronaut mission to orbit from launch Complex ‘a at nasa’s kennedy space center in florida, uh jared isaacman, who is the founder and ceo of shift for payments, is donating three seats alongside him aboard dragon uh for the general public that’s you and me anybody your grandma, your! I guess your your child, i’m.

Pretty sure you’re gon na have to be at least 18 years of age, you’re, probably going to pass a whole bunch of different physical tests, and things like that to actually be able to fly on this thing without passing out from the g’s that you’ll experience um, You can learn more about how to join this historic journey by going to inspiration4.com so consider this an ad whatever you want. Inspiration for a crew will receive commercial astronaut training by spacex um you’ll, get training on the the dragon spacecraft, orbital mechanics operating in microgravity, uh. Zero gravity and other forms of stress testing and believe me you’re, going to have to take a lot of stress testing. They will go through emergency preparedness, training, spacesuit and spacecraft, ingress and egress exercises, as well as partial and full mission simulations, and i just think that that’s pretty cool, even if you didn’t, get to go um into space. I think just going through all that training would actually be pretty cool, i’ve actually studied in aerospace, engineering in college. So this all really does interest me so yeah, of course. Naturally, i signed up because it would be a great opportunity and a great experience, so hopefully elon if you’re watching this pick me um, but actually yeah the way you get picked uh. Once you go to inspiration four in order to secure your seat, uh, you have to either donate um to saint jude or start a shift for a shop.

So you can start a shift for shop and post your inspirational business story on twitter for the opportunity to secure the seat, or you can just donate to st jude. You can donate um, they have different tiers and for each of the different tiers. You can also get free things like a patch or a coin, all the way up to like some some flight training. Some of them have already sold out all the way up to like ten thousand dollars, or something like that. So they’re obviously billionaires millionaires that are trying to book um some tickets, every dollar um you you donate basically is a ticket um towards you getting picked getting chosen so it’ll be interesting to see who gets that so yeah the multi day journey orbiting earth every 90 Minutes along a customized flight path, um it’ll be carefully monitored. It says here um at every step by spacex mission control and then upon conclusion of the mission dragon will re enter its atmosphere for a soft water landing off the coast of florida. So again, i just think it’s really cool. Of course, we all know, like i said earlier: gamma ray fantastic four it’s gon na happen, you’ll either be the thing. You’Ll either be uh. I don’t know all the other people’s names human torch or whatever um reed, richards and uh what’s, her name sue richards. I can’t remember all their names um, but i just think it’s pretty cool and i think it’s it’s gon na be awesome.