This is nirmal here and in this video well be doing a detailed review of the vivo x70 pro so vivo x70 pro is vivos flagship device under the x series. The x70 pro and the pro plus were announced a few weeks back now we have the x70 pro and we have been using this device for almost like more than two weeks now we have done the camera review and also the charging test. So this is one of those devices which specializes in camera. It comes with a quad camera setup. You get a 50 megapixel camera and its a quad camera setup. You get uh the thousand two hundred chip uh, an amoled display with 120 hertz super shade uh, the fun touch os 12 450 mah capacity battery, so its really good in terms of hardware being offered. But how does it convert into real world performance thats? What were going to talk about in this detailed review so before getting into the detailed review? If this is your first time on this channel, do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish. So lets begin so first and foremost, thing is the design. Now vivo devices have been the x series specifically have been really good in terms of design. Last year, the x60 series, or rather the x50 series – and this year the x60 series created a benchmark in terms of design.

Now the x70 uh pro is no different. It also is a really good device, its slim device and lightweight to at just 183 grams. It it is one of those devices which is lighter in weight and it is made of an aluminium alloy and it feels really nice. The back and the friend device is glass made, and it feels really nice, especially the back panel, which gives a matte finish. It is, it removes all the fingerprint, the magnet kind of experience and it feels really smooth, but at the same time it is kind of slippery at times, but overall we feel this design is really good and the display is a curved display and you get the Punch hold selfie camera and the quad camera setup. The camera layout is kind of similar to the x60 series and there is a slight projection for the camera. The top and the bottom sections are flat, gives it a good feel altogether and overall, the design and build quality feels really good its made of top quality materials and really feels solid in hands now uh the build quality, as i said before, its a glass finish With the metal chassis once again, it is flagship, great quality, so thats the design and build quality and the device feels really light, and at 183 grams it feels really compact enhancer, with the overall form factor being offered now. Next uh is the display. Now, this time around uh vivo has gone for the samsungs e5 amoled display.

Now this is a really uh, vibrant and colorful display, and the peak brightness is again really impressive. Its one of the brightest displays out there. The touch response is very good. The touch response rate is around 240 hertz and the refresh rate is around 120 hertz. You can go with the adaptive kind of refresh shade and the display quality looks really good. The colors are vibrant punchy and the sharpness levels are really vibrant. This also supports hdr10 enabled display, and overall, the quality of the display is really impressive and its a definitely a flagship, great quality in terms of overall experience. Now another thing about the display is that its a curved display now both the edges are curved now uh its its debatable thing, whether you like the curve display some people uh whom ive talked that says that curved displays are not really that great, because uh there Are chances of accidental touches happening, but few others say that it gives preemie experience so its more more or less personal uh usage experience, whether you like the curved display or you dont like it. So here you get a curved display, and personally i like the curved display on the vivo x70 pro now. The display protection we get, we dont get a gorilla glass protection in instead of evo, has gone for the short sensation glass which we have been using on their x50 and x60 series as well. So here also, you get a short sensation.

Glass protection included so overall display quality is definitely good on the vivo x70 pro now. Next is the software. Now we also devices come with the fun touch: os thats, the ui, which powers vivos devices. Now here we get the latest version of the fun touch os thats version 12, but this is on top of android 11 as well. Now fantacho is 11 versus 12. We have done a detailed video, so you can check out that video to see what is changed in this uh uh 12 version. There arent too many changes in the fanta chaos 12, but its more refined and feels definitely better. But again there are some minor areas where it needs a bit more polishing and also uh the amount of blot, whereas it ships is still on the large. So that is one area where vivo should be concentrating, especially for a device which is around the 45 to 50k price segment, its a flagship level device, so the block was included with the device should be cut down, otherwise, its a good experience, its pretty smooth uh Lack free experience, although uh there is a bit more scope for refinement, especially in the design aspect. Uh, probably in the future updates and the fun touch os 12 will get refined, but already we feel this is definitely good. Experience on the vivos fun touch os 12.. So in case, if you are interested in knowing more about the fantasy os 12 do check out, our detailed video well share the link in the description of this video.

So there we have compared the fun touch os 11 versus 12.. Now talking about the performance. Now this device is powered by the demand c3200 chip. We get eight gigabyte, ram 128 and 256 and also get 12 gigabyte ram. So there are different options available now uh. This is having ufs 3.1 storage support and lp ddr4 x, ram, so thats the basic configuration now at about 45 000 price segment. We would have expected a slightly better processor, not that the demand city 1200 is underpowered its a really good chip. But when you look at the competition, a lot of devices are offered in the 25 to 30k price segment with the same chip. So you, you are investing a lot more money on the vivo x60 or other x70 pro, and you expect a slightly better processor, especially uh, iq and xiaomi, are offering qualcomms 888 at this price segment. So thats one area where you could have done better, but nevertheless, this device gives you good performance overall, in terms of day to day experience its a really smooth and uh. You dont see any sort of lag or issues. Only thing is that at this price segment, a qualcomm 888 would have made much better sense or even the 870 would have made a much better sense at this price segment. Now gaming experience is pretty good. You get a pretty good experience overall uh, we didnt see any sort of major heating issues on this device.

Even with gaming, it was kind of okay performance uh again, this is not a gaming device as such its more uh suited for camera. So its not a gaming device, but you can still do uh good gaming with the demand city 1200 chip. Now, apart from that, you get an in display fingerprint scanner, so vivos in display fingerprint scanner is in really good and fast fingerprint scanner. It sets the industry benchmark with really good fingerprint scanner experience, and even the face unlock is also really good. Now the call quality is pretty good again. We tried with the jio and vodafone idea and we did not see any sort of issues uh you get 128 and 256 gigabyte storage. Now, apart from that uh, you also get a 5g support, but again 5g bands are very, very limited. Just two or three bands are supported, unlike few other mid range phones, which support 10 and 12 bands. Here you dont get that kind of bands uh the there is a voiceover wi, fi and volte and other options supported so those things uh. We would just dont miss out on any now speaker performance. This is one area where were kind of disappointed because its not a stereo speaker for a flagship device about 45 000. You would expect it a stereo speaker, so this is not a stereo speaker thats. One of the downsides, i would say in this device in terms of speaker experience and also in terms of performance, you would have liked an lpddr5 ram uh instead of the 4x, because you are entering a 50k segment, so better a processor would i mean better ram? Would have made much better sense now next lets move on to the camera, so this is the most important thing for the vivo x70 pro now you get a quad camera setup, its a custom sensor from sony, and this is the primary 50 megapixel sensor made in Partnership with size and you get a 12 megapixel ultraviolet 12 megapixel portrait sensor and an 8 megapixel telephoto lens and on the front panel, you get a 32 megapixel selfie camera.

Now this real camera is optical image. Stabilization enabled also the telephoto lens also has optical image. Stabilization, so its a really good uh camera hardware offered on the vivo x70 pro now in terms of camera experience. This is one of the really best looking cameras out there in the sub 50k price segment. We have done a detailed camera review. You can also check out that video to get an idea about how the camera performs is one of the stellar looking cameras, great detailing great color accuracy, uh good sharpness levels and excellent dynamic range uh being offered on this camera. So, overall, if youre looking for the best camera experience in this price segment, without doubt the vivo x70 pro offers that and even the ultra wide angle, camera does a really good job. The portraits are definitely improved when we reviewed the x60 and the x series. The portraits were not really improved, but here you get really good portraits the low light experience is again stunning, uh best in class, low light experience and also the selfie experience, looks really good. Now, a couple of things where this needs improvement is a 4k recording. Although there is uh uh oi support, uh its, not really class leading a video recording, although it still is good uh, it could have been slightly improved uh, especially for a flagship device where focus is on camera, but otherwise the vivo x70 pro is the best camera Below the 50 000 price segment right now in india, without any sort of doubt so thats the camera experience now moving on to the battery.

Now this device comes with the 450 mah capacity batteries, so there is a slight bump up from the battery uh compared to the vivo x60 pro, and the battery performance is really good on this device. With the software optimization with the new fun touch, os 12 cd chip and the overall optimization has done really wonders with the battery performance and its a really good battery on the vivo x70 pro so more than a day, you can easily get on this device, so Its a really good device in terms of the battery life in terms of charging experience, you get a 44 watt charger again, not the fastest charger out there, because you get a 67 watt and uh really fast charging at this price segment. Again. Charging speeds are quite okay, i would say it may not be the fastest out there. But again you do get 44 watt charger and it we have done a charging test of this device. You can also check out that video to see how the charging performance is so uh. That was our detailed review of the vivo x70 pro now summing up the pros and cons, the pros include excellent design and build quality. Great displays uh great performance, exceptional camera performance and great battery life too and uh again. The pricing is really good, actually uh, if you, if youre, not looking at the processor still, the pricing is good at 46 triple line for the base variant.

It looks really good in terms of its a competitive pricing for a camera, centric smartphone and you you do get a qualcomm 888 at this price segment, but you dont get this kind of camera at this price segment. So considering that uh its a really good pricing, too uh thats what we feel again, if youre, if youre into gaming or if you want the best performance, then probably you should be going with an 888 chip. But if you want the best camera experience, then this is the best device to go right now. Now the downsides of the device or the console device uh. The major con would be the lack of stereo speakers at this price segment. Uh thats definitely uh not acceptable. Uh, at least for a flagship device there should have been stereo speakers and then there is no ip rating nor wireless charging, although these are not features available on all the devices in this price segment, at least in india, but adding this might have given a better Uh option for the vivo x70: now the processor again could have been 870 thats, not a con per se, but then we would have liked a slightly better processor overall, but otherwise the vivo x70 pro is a really good package out there. Now the pricing starts at 49, 46 90 for the 8 gigabyte ram. So should you buy the vivo x70 pro if youre looking for a great camera, centered smartphone or if you want a flagship level smartphone with a great camera below the 50 000 price segment, then definitely the vivo x70 pro is the one to go with.

Without doubt, this is the best camera below the 50 000 price segment right now in india. But if you are a person who wants the best processor uh with best gaming experience, not that the vivo x70 pro gaming experience is bad. But if you want the best experience, then probably there are qualcomm 888 chips available at this price segment. So you should be choosing that. But again you wont get a really great camera performance on those devices. So you have to decide whether if it is camera performance, then without doubt the vivo x70 pro is the best choice available right now in india, below the 50 000 price segment.