One of the problems i found with this camera is the ability to output 4k recording onto an on camera. Monitor now ive tried, andy cine 4k monitors ive tried, feel world 4k monitors every time. I tried to connect it for some reason: it didnt work. If i switched my camera to 1080, it then started to display ive done a bit of research online. I found out that theres very few number of monitors that can output 4k, especially for the sony cameras, because they generally have a problem with outputting 4k to hdmi ninja atmos thats, one of the ones, but they are super expensive until i found this one. This is the portkeys pt5, its a 5 inch very lightweight on camera, monitor it has a hdmi in and out of 4k at 30 frames per second super excited because this is very affordable as well. So let me go ahead and unbox this set it up. On my sony, a7 iii showcase some of the features and the specs around this monitor and see what this can do in the box. It comes in this very military grade hard. Shell carry case has some clips on the sides to unlock it. You can see how compact this is. So that is the monitor you have yourself, the sun shade theres a cold shoe mount that you can use to adjust different angles and viewing positions, so you can twist left and right and then up and down, for whichever viewing angle on your camera.

You like, underneath here, you have a very small hdmi to micro, hdmi, cable, a standard hdmi to hdmi cable. You have allen key as well. This is to adjust the size of the cold shoe mount just in case. You wanted to lock it and tighten it as well, so it doesnt really move too often, and then you also have a user manual just there right at the bottom. So lets take a quick, closer look at the monitor itself. On the right hand, side you have the dc input there, 24 volt input, which you need to buy separately. You also have a 5 volt usb input, so you can actually power this with a usb cable plugged into the wall outlet. This is the on off button. On the left hand, side you have hdmi in and hdmi out and a headphone monitoring input on the back. This is where youll be able to power it wirelessly via a battery. So this supports the npf series, batteries which are very notorious for the sony cameras and then also an lp e6 type battery as well. None of these are supplied, but you can buy them separately. I will be powering this using the npf battery series. I have a two pack here: ive charged them up fully ill leave a link in the description if you wanted to check out the battery pack as well to complement this on screen, monitor so lets go ahead and set this up with my camera.

Okay. So if i just turn this on before, i put the monitor just there at the top, let me just show you i have this set to 4k, so the first thing im going to do is put myself the battery in there to power this on there we Go clipped into place. Put this into the cold, shoe mount Music. Tighten it! You can angle this pretty much, however, you like, which is very convenient, so ill. Do that hdmi into the micro hdmi port, and then we turn it on from the side. Now you saw how quickly and easily that just started to work, so i was so impressed that this works with 4k output right out of the box. No settings i needed to change and the screen is actually very, very clear. One of the reasons why is this? Has 500 nits of brightness, it has a wide color gamut and it has a contrast ratio of a thousand to one. The other thing i really like about this is that it also supports 3d luts via a usb input, so i will showcase that i have some dot cube files stored on my usb for the 3d monitoring on the monitor here. But before i do that, let me just run through some of the settings on this monitor. It is a touchscreen monitor, so you simply tap it. You have some items there on the left hand side here, you can see some of the color temperatures backlights.

You can change it to anamorphic modes as well and theres plenty of different adjustments that you can make the second option. This allows you to flip the on screen display or the actual display of the many items heres some of the settings around the language and the transparency. This is the option that i will showcase with the 3d luts. When i put the usb in, you can change the volume and then you also have some information about the firmware. If you swipe anywhere on the screen, this brings up the more advanced monitoring menu. So if you click the plus icon, these are all the different monitoring tools you can see. Youve got options such as focus peaking, false color image, flip histogram, color temperature, custom, rgb waveforms, and many many more. The other thing i really like is to add these. As your standard options on the left hand, side sidebar here, all you have to do is just tap it so lets say. For example, i want to check the rgb waveform its now there, on the left hand menu. I can go ahead, hit plus and select another one that i really like to see on this menu at all times, so false color could be another one of them. If i hit back youll see these remain there all the time. So when i go back and i can see the full screen view, if i tap, i swipe those options for the monitoring tools will be there at all times.

So, as you can see, these are the zebra ones. You also have the grid to see if youre, even here is the rgb waveform, then you also have the false color. So this is a very great and quick and easy way to monitor your videos when youre filming this is perfect for advanced filmographers to really get in there to get the perfect color and the grading of their footage, and you can actually turn as many on as You like, at the exact same time so theres no real limitations about that. This will give you a complete color accuracy for when youre filming, so you can be sure not to get anything incorrect now lets go ahead and check the 3d luts, so ive got them onto the usb. If i go back, go into the cube icon turn on 3d luts stored from the usb and you can see, all of them have automatically appeared right there at the bottom, which is great. So if i select one you can see, you know this is a very vibrant color change these to different cinemates and you can pretty much store as many as youd like. If you go into the usb menu, you can go into your usb and heres. All of the files that ive added, so if i select lets, say loch ness, you double tap and it downloads it to store it on the actual monitor, which i think is great Music. There we go, we can go back if you go back to stored from usb.

This is the lochness 3d lut. You can see its a very dark and it gives you that vignette – which i think is an awesome feature to have on a monitor of this size. Overall, im super happy with this. All i can do is just turn 3d light off, get back to normal and continue seeing the rest of my footage in a larger screen, so its very easy to turn around as well. If you wanted to face yourself and youre recording vlogs theres, so many different cool features to have with this and overall i am super impressed with this purchase. Take a look at the description below. I have the link where you can check this out on amazon. It is around pounds, but for that price and to be able to output 4k, i think is so great. It is made of plastic, so it is lightweight, but its also portable. So you can take it very easily with you anywhere on your filming or your shoots. This is now the only on camera monitor that i have so im going to use this for shoots that i do maybe outside of my studios and on location. I can also use this for multiple different purposes. I can set this up as an additional monitor for my phone and then have a separate monitor for my camera or vice versa. So i can see two things at the exact same time, especially when i do top down shooting using my rig for any unboxing videos.

So thats it if you did find this useful, make sure you give this video a huge thumbs up any questions around the pt5 drop, a comment down below ill get back to you as soon as i can. I have new videos out every week, like i have new videos out every week with tech gadgets, just like this and im sure youre gon na, like those so make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you dont miss those ones and ill catch.