So you could call me a pro beatboxer and uh. This channel is also about technology review, whether it is a gadget review or the technology explanation things and in this video. This is a part of the series old gadget reviews and i will show you my older gadget and the last videos i review my nokia 215 and this time i will show you my samsung galaxy note: 4. Okay, so its still on um, i actually im using the uh case from the gooseberry, its actually very good. I used it about five years or six years. Okay, so you can see its still function here, um, i accidentally turned it on, and i will tell you the specification later maybe – and i will just tell you about the physical first so lets – remove the um casing here, to show you whats the real inside of This phone uh its actually has the plastic back and its a texture similar to the leather. I dont know what its called maybe its leatherette, but i think it is a plastic and the side of it is actually using the led aluminium and its very. What durable the front side using the gorilla glass and its still on you, can see it its booting here right here right now live, and i will tell you about the specifications, so you can search it on the gsm for the samsung galaxy. Note: 4. Its released on the 2014 october um, it has 5.

7 inches screen um and its using the gsm and ss hspa and lte. So it support until the 3g is actually 3g not support to 4g, because i already tested it before and its released on the october 2014 and already discontinued right now. Um, the dimension is the weight, is 176 gram, its actually a little bit heavy for the old phone, and it has the gorilla glass 4 for the glass room, so its very durable and it has plastic back aluminum frame micro seam. So the sim itself is not um the nano its already mic, its still using the micro. Let me open the back of it, so you could see it. It support the sd card here and the um micro steam here. The battery is the removable battery and it has the stylus here and its a function. As you can see on the front, let me put the back again and it has actually the super amoled display its a very good display. It support until the um full hd. I think not the ultra hd, so its not supporting 4k and for the size, 5.7 inches with the 70 three point: four percent screen to body ratio. It still has the button here on the bottom side and the resolution itself its oh, it is actually uh support. The 4k, because the maximum resolution is one 1440 times 2560 pixels, with the 16.9 ratio with the 580 ppi density and corning gorilla glass, 4 for the platform itself.

It came out with when the android 4.0, 4.4 uh or the kitkat. We called it uh upgradeable to 6.0.1 or the marshmallow. I actually buy the new phone, the samsung a52, because its not supported anymore, so it stopped getting upgraded. The chipset is actually good its using the qualcomm apq 8084 snapdragon 805 or 28 nanometers microprocessor for the chipset, and the cpu is using the adreno 420 for the snapdragon and there an external um, also a next signal, a chipset uh size. I think its in different nation or in a different country there are different, chipset and gpu um depends on the or where you buy this phone and for the memory it has. The micro sdxc, as i said before, and the internal is 32 gigabytes – is actually have a large uh internal memory, but it you could use until the 64. and it has the three gigabyte of ram and, at that time, its a very, very fast phone. But when it compared to the phone smartphone nowadays uh, maybe you could you couldnt call it anymore for the camera. As you can see here, it has the 16 mp f, 2.2 31 millimeter standard and it has the autofocus and also ois or the optimization uh image stability stabilization. It has the led flash panorama hdr and the video you could record by the rear camera or the main camera in 4k, 30, fps and full hd or 180p or 1080p in 30 and 60 fps, and it has serial sound recording and for the selfie camera right Here so the selfie camera is not in the middle, but in the side of it it has the 3.

7 megapixel and also the nine 1.9 or 22 millimeters wide, and it features hdr and the video at most it could record the one 1040 and 40p 30fps. So its in 2k video, so thats the full edge, not until the 4k, but over the full hd, its actually very good but um. I i feel a little bit differences between the older phone camera compared to the newer phone camera, but i will speak it later. When i review my samsung a52. It has the loudspeaker, it has the 3.5 millimeter jack and the audio is 24 bit a 192 kilohertz audio and it has the wi fi 802.11, so the standard uh, wi, fi, and also it has bluetooth 4.1, its actually fast, bluetooth type. It has a gps, it has the nsc, it has the infrared port, it doesnt have a radio it using the micro usb 2.0 for the charging and also transferring data and it using the sensor fingerprint and also um the air gesture for the s voice of for The notes and the battery is a lie: iron 3, 220 mah – and it is a removable battery it using the fast charging 15 watt and it switched charge 2.0. The early technology of fast charging at that time and its up to 20 hours um on. If you use it all the whole day and the colors is in white uh, black bronze and pink and its different in each country, as i said before, the price is about 350 euro, but now its already discontinued for the performance days.

It actually has a very, very good result: um its the performance display, camera load, speaker and audio quality, and battery life is actually pretty good for the older phone. But, as i said, my main factor that i dont use this phone anymore because it stopped getting an update os and its kind of makes me need to change the new newer smartphone, because if your os is not updated anymore uh, it will come with several errors. Later – and i happen to fill that on my laptop and also on this uh samsung galaxy – note: 4. thats, it thats my review for the samsung galaxy, note 4 and hope you like it thumbs up. If you like it thumbs down, if you dislike it share it to the people who also love music enthusiasts and also a technology enthusiast, and please subscribe to my channel help me to reach 1k subscriber at least to so.