This digital tire pressure gauge is going to help. You maintain correct tire pressure, reduce tire wear and extend tire life. The backlit lcd display and light nozzle are visible in dimly lit areas and the accurate easy to read digits help you easily measure your vehicles, tire pressure. The tool provides four settings, the ergonomic design and non slip. Texture are both suitable for men and womens hands and it allows you to bleed off extra air. Are you looking for a revamp of your vehicle? Why not try some led lights for the car interior, these led strip lights. Allow you to control everything through the app from the light effects to the color and even to the music syncing. You can do everything on your phone with this app. You can also control brightness level speed and many other features that youll find on the app the music sync technology equipped on this light will allow it to react to the beat of the music and lighten up the mood minimize, annoying little chips and cracks in your Windshield and stop them from spreading with this glass repair kit, with its advanced resin formula, its easy to use and good for multi repairs on all types of laminated windshields. It takes around 20 minutes to repair bullseyes spider web star damages and some cracks smaller than one inch in diameter. Unfortunately, it cant repair cracks longer than two inches, because a resin is a type of liquid. It needs to absorb ultraviolet rays in a certain intensity.

For the sake of solidification, so you need to move your car to sunlight or use uv light. The windshield repair kit is not suitable for cell phone screens. Only for your auto, i think its a great way to avoid costly repairs. This headrest hook, hanger, is going to help you to keep your car organized and items off the seats. You can hang your purse grocery bags, clothes umbrella, kids, toys, baby supplies and much more to keep it off the floor and out of the way, especially if you have a passenger hanger, will fit any standard headrest and is constructed out of premium quality material. This car diagnostic scanner is a must have in your car. It reads and clears engine fault codes and displays their meaning on your smartphone via wi fi. This car code reader can gather the real time data from your car read and display more than 3 000 generic code definitions in the database. The perfect tool for keeping in your glove box every engine has a sweet spot, an optimum position that maximizes your power and minimizes your fuel consumption. Its where your car runs best go far is a dashboard gadget that can help improve the way you drive you plug in the electronic obd on board diagnostic mount the display on your dashboard and pair the app to your unit. The system uses your vehicles diagnostic system to find the sweet spot for driving your car. The dashboard unit will then change color to indicate when youre reaching the cars most economic point, helping you to save fuel and reduce emissions stay in the blue and go far will pay for itself in months it cuts fuel use by up to 22.

Installation is easy once youve found your cars obd port, the special app lets. You monitor your driving history and work out what driving style is most suited for your vehicle. Music autopreme is promising to be the next generation of vehicle mat, providing luxury and functionality. Thats perfectly shaped to your car: these mats are durable, scratch, resistant acid proof, oil resistant and waterproof, auto premats use metal heel grips with rubber nibs to make sure they always stay in place richly colored. They offer complete coverage on the floor of your car for a long, lasting and distinctive. Look that will improve the value of your car. Awaken is a device that plugs directly into your vehicles, obd port and constantly diagnoses, your car tracks, your cars movements and immediately alerts emergency services in the event of an accident, which is great considering every second matters in those situations, thanks to its built in accelerometer, the Car can quickly and precisely detect any impacts or collisions in case of an accident. Awaken instantly sends a notification with the exact location of the crash to emergency services. To make sure first responders are on the scene as quickly as possible. Awaken also comes with a dedicated mobile app with detailed safety and security features. The main two features of the app are, without a doubt, the location, services and car theft prevention. If someone attempts to steal or break into your car, youll immediately receive a push notification telling you that someone is tampering with your car and if it starts moving, youll receive another notification as well as be able to track it in real time making it a cinch.

For police to find its also extremely useful, if you happen to lose your car in parking garages, often on top of that awaken, constantly monitors everything going on under the hood of your car to make sure its all on the up and up. If an issue is detected with, say your engine or brake pads, the app will send you a notification telling you exactly what broke down itll even give you some possible solutions for the problem Music. Yes, we have to admit this. One is a bit more on the low tech side, but it doesnt detract from the fact that its still super useful, the car door mat will allow you to clean the bottom of your shoes before stepping inside your vehicle. The same way you would do before entering your home whats more. Those who live in snowy areas of the world will no longer have to bang their foot against their car door or use their ice scraper to clean the slush off their shoes. The adhesive door mat is durable enough to do the job best of all its easy to apply to the base of your cars door, its cheap and its not visible when your car doors are closed. Music. The notel in vehicle sleeping system is the perfect remedy for those who sometimes have to sleep in their car. In fact, it makes it completely possible for travelers adventures or any other person who wants the freedom to sleep in their car.

A full fledged alternative to hotel stays, hence the name. The way it works is quite simple: recline the passenger seat as far as possible. Remove the headrest, suspend the aluminum bed frame above the seat, apply the polyethylene sleeping surface to the frame and voila. You now have a comfortable bed to get a good nights rest for those of you who want to protect your car from sun rain or other adverse weather conditions. The lumaka car awning is the perfect accessory for your car. The lumaca car awning stands out from other similar products for two game, changing reasons. First, the side awning can fit on nearly all average family cars and second, it takes just one minute to pitch and doesnt require any electricity. The lumaca is also extremely lightweight. So, if youre driving out to the park for a picnic or hitting the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation, the lumaka is definitely a product to keep an eye on. After all, you dont want a sunburn or soggy clothes by the end of the day. Do you this car charger can save your life? Yes, its true, besides being able to charge two of your gadgets, its razor sharp blade can also cut a safety belt if its jammed and knock out the glass of your car in an emergency. You should agree its much better to get things in advance, but in any case, this gadget will definitely be useful to you as a charging device Music.

The okaso mirror dash cam is one of the best cameras for your rear view, mirror, instead of sending footage either to an external screen or your smartphone. The autovox beams footage from a camera positioned above your rear, license plate to a small screen integrated into your rear view, mirror the camera itself features a durable water resistant design too, while the lcd monitor offers auto adjusting brightness and anti glare properties, among other incentives, its The only dual dash cam thats, offering full hd video quality at this price. The other useful feature of this dash cam is a built in g sensor. It activates the car camera to record emergency video when encountering the collision and parking monitoring. It also will automatically save the currently recorded file for evidence purposes. The okaso mirror dash cam is engineered to perform similarly in day and night. So, with this dual dash cam, you dont need to worry about the night mode as the dash cam offers two camera options. So it can perform similarly as the front dash cam, as well as the rear, dash cam and as the ocaso mirror dash. Cam supports wdr wide dynamic range technology, so it will adjust to the light exposure automatically. To give you the perfectly bright view, even in low light situations and at night idrive is the worlds smartest car assistant designed by senior automotive engineers and optic doctors. Idrive is an all new head up display that takes your car to the next level.

It displays gps waves, speed calls and music on your windshield. Idrive offers a safe way to get information from your phone apps, while driving and without endangering yourself and others. Idrive. Gesture control is a truly intuitive wireless technology. Its gesture sensor uses infrared technology to detect your hand, movements and launch different actions swipe to accept or decline a call manage your music or launch backup camera for easy parking. Idrive is compatible with all cars. You can now use your favorite apps without having to compromise on safety. This is a two in one holder for a smartphone and not only holds your smartphone, but also charges it at the same time, without any wires. Its really convenient while youre driving your phone is conveniently located in front of your eyes and being charged theres. A huge number of variations of wireless chargers for sale, which are mounted on the windshield on the panel or in the vent of the car. So go to the link in the description and choose the one you like Music. The last item in todays selection is a mini coffee machine where you can brew a delicious and invigorating coffee, while traveling out of town or on the way to the office. Its quite simple to use you need to add coffee and water connect the gadget to a 12 volt cigarette, lighter, put in a cup holder and wait for two minutes. Youll agree. This is a very useful device for coffee lovers.