Welcome to the 9 miles gadget review channel today, im going to review another joy by msc international. This is msc international. I reviewed a lot of these products on my channel. They always seem to be pretty fun. This is the meow perfect for ceiling freshness. It says bag ties and yeah, so you can do things like napkins cables, flowers, bpa, free, not that it really matters. I guess with these things anyway, i guess you put on vegetables top rack dishwasher safe. This is not a toy keep away from children, pet mbc, international, msc, international.com, all right so lets open up, see whats inside i got these because i just thought they were very cute uh how they looked. You know little cats right. Can you say no to that? I dont think you can. This is one of those products that i think will be universally approved im, not really a cat person, but you know, i think i can make an exception with these things, all right, all right. Look at that. So you get three theyre. Just kind of hard plastic, but the design, the colors look a lot right and, of course they have that tongue, the cat tongue and ill show you the what they look like. So you, just if you havent, seen these before theres different designs, but you just pull that through. It goes like that. You just pull it like, so so, theres different designs, you have the white cat black gray, all right, so im going to show you.

I have this bag. This is what stuff youll be using it on. You know if you do actually use this, but uh so lets say you have a bag and you want to close it up. You can spin it around lets, say and then you take that out put this around the bag here, you slide it through and it kind of just sticks. You know like that and ill turn it upside down and ill show. You look at that. It keeps it secure, it was insane thats great, so the picture gives uh lets see yeah. It gives a some leaves of some sort of flowers lets. Just pretend these are a bouquet of flowers. Lets use this one, so you just kind of put it around slide. It through and look at that you have a nice bouquet of lettuce, leaves so yeah there you go and a napkin lets get a towel here. So you can see the napkin example. I mean the skys the limit with this thing, theres just no end to the amount of stuff. You could do all right, so the napkin example slide it through and there you go so pretty fun. Product msc international comes through once again pretty fun product um. I would say price points dont spend more than ten dollars on this um. I think prices will vary, but yeah i mean they they make pretty i mean. Normally you can get any products by msc joy, pretty inexpensively, so uh definitely shop around check for the best price.

But let me know what you think i like the product. I recommend it. I think its fun. I mean i dont think everyone needs this. I mean most people, but if you have the right perp, you know like the right use, for this id say: go for it. Try it out theyre theyre cool for what they are. So let me know what you think. Would you get these? Let me know, and thanks for watching everyone until next time ill see you later.