No, if you’re fighting bruce lee you’re shooting for takedowns right away and now our tale of the tape for this heavyweight fight. So, three years, the gap in age between these two fighters with big differences in height, but some differences in reach now to get a start of the veteran voice of the octagon bruce buffer. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event of the evening and when the action begins, a referee in charge of the octagon per team, and now this is the moment. Ufc fans around the world have been waiting for live from the sold out madison square garden arena. In new york city, Music, it’s time five rounds in the ufc heavyweight division, first, fighting out of the blue corner. This man is a kickboxer. Holding a professional record on 27, wins three losses and one draw. He stands six feet: three inches tall weighing in at 205 pounds yuri ganesha Applause and now his opponent fighting out of the red corner. This man is a mixed, martial artist, making his professional debut here tonight. He stands: five feet. Seven inches tall weigh in at 145 pounds fighting out los angeles, california, bruce the drug you’ve been given your instructions in the dressing room. Protect yourself at all times follow my instructions. You will have a clean fight touch gloves, just make it official, they touch them up and we are underway well, the tension is palpable, as this fight gets underway and gon na be interesting to see how this matchup plays out definite striker on one side and in Those situations, the guy that’s more well rounded – will be the one that will find success.

I want to see how this plays out. I mean, can you imagine having a reach advantage like this? What a luxury it’s a luxury i’ve never had one over the course of my entire career, but fighting guys that are taller. You struggle whenever they are very aware of such a massive advantage. This guy is going to try and use this tonight big pulse punchline. Now he gets Applause over and over he’s landing. These big body kicks just unable to quite find that range. Look at him drive his shin into his opponent’s body. With that body, kick Applause man striking classes in session, beautiful punch there great job landing. What a damaging punch lee’s kick attempt that one was blocked and both guys really throwing with authority. Applause, oh need of the body. Oh and he lands a punch there. Good connection by him on that great connect so fast, so accurate and watch the ability to land anywhere attempts the uppercut there, but it doesn’t land. If your opponent has in the clinch pull it down on your head landing punch after punch, you have got to clear that collar tie reach back inside and try to find space stuff’s, the takedown no problem, and now he engages in a muay thai clinch and i Think a lot of people watching wonder how you can control an opponent like that hard to get out of it’s very difficult to get out of look and notice how tight his elbows are as he’s maneuvering and moving his opponent into positions waiting to get off the Strikes now, he’s got the muay thai plum and they separate he throws every part of himself into these big leg.

Kicks quick entry Applause. Well, he continues to manhandle him here on the ground. All right, he’s, very comfortable fighting off his back dc now looks like he’s trying to hip escape yeah he’s, trying to hip escape, or maybe look for kimura here he’s got his in, but now it’s starting to slip under the neck to an inverted triangle. To try to get the finish wow, you don’t see that very often oh he’s in trouble here, wow all right right into side, control, here, dc biggest difference between half guard and side control, well, side control to me feels like a little bit less control, because now My legs aren’t really doing anything anymore now, i’m, controlling you with my upper body, so i’ve got to be very, very aware: it’s still advantageous, but it just seems a little more free flowing than having something like a half guard, oh really, using his reach advantage there. As he lands the punch dc, both fighters here continuing to try to get a more dominant position in the clinch to get fatigued in the process. I would think it’s very fancy to be just a position. It’S called 50 50 because nobody has the advantage who’s going to be the one to find that one little area that they can expose to give them the slightest advantage. How good is that jab now we’re going single leg, takedown, oh he’s, trying to control posture here now, trying to hip escape he’s, just trying to move out of this position off the bottom this round.

He might get a finish here all right, nice job there by the corner after that previous round, as our next round gets underway and their fighter is undeterred. He’S close on the submission in the previous round, he’s gon na get right back. He’S, like the dog on the boat he’s gon na continue to attack attack attack until he eventually gets what he wants. A little single collar tie there while that body kick was there earlier on that attack Applause. Oh, he lands another strike to the body really starting to connect on a lot of shots to the midsection, and these will take their toll as this fight goes into. The latter rounds straight right hand has been a good weapon for him. He misses with it. There there’s no tail on that leg. Applause lee gets caught with that punch, got ta shore up the defense Applause and both fighters exchange in the pocket. Applause – oh single caller tie here. Oh now, he’s got the tie plum daniel if you’re on the other side. What are you trying to do to get out of this potentially dangerous position? You got to start digging your shoulder to a side and then trying to shove and underhook. You cannot bend down to try to get out of muay thai Applause. Well, he’s got the reach advantage. He might as well use it nice job there to find out for that, while the leg kicks have been a big storyline and this one and there’s another one.

So he continues to slow his opponent down and nice poker face on the other side. I’M, not sure how many more he can take. He won’t be able to take many more think about essex barbosa, how he lands. Those beautiful leg kicks no wind up so fast. Eventually, guys get stopped from taking his Applause, a little struggle here now for position in the clinch, and we see a lot of these situations in mixed martial arts, where both fighters sort of end up getting comfortable here when there isn’t a whole lot going on and The moment somebody gets comfortable the moment that somebody decides to relax the moment, you’ll see a takedown or somebody really speed out ahead of their opponent. You’Ve got to be aware when you’re just chest in this 50 50 position stuffs that take down attempt without issue Applause. Oh thought he might have had that head kick, but just out of range Applause just misses with that. One well he’s really picked up the pace here in round two much more aggressive now here and starting to find himself in the pocket nice punchline over the top. Oh beautiful entry as he secures the double leg, takedown bottom fighter, trying to control posture unable to do so and now he’s in a lot of danger, he’s got to grab that head or he’s going to get blasted. Well, there are a few things more fun to watch in mixed martial arts than these type of transitions and scrambles on the ground high level grappling can really be entertaining well anytime.

You are in a ground fighting situation with this fighter, you’re, potentially playing with five Applause. Well, we’ll see if he postures up and can get some of his ground strikes going here. Oh looks like he’s transitioned to an armbar yeah he’s, trying to switch over to get an armbar he’s gon na, be on his opponent to try to chase him and attack. Another bar Music – oh, he picks him up and slams him down explosive slam to lift him and slam out of that arm bar go right into side control. Now, let’s see what he does right. Sometimes, when you do that the choke or the submission can get tighter, but he was able to evade it there. Yes, Applause, oh wow! That happened quickly as the fighter reverses position there on the ground. Unbelievable position change, wow. What a transition strong bottom work here, staying busy oh and there’s the horn at the end of the round, so the fighter was really caught into submission there, just as the horn sounded safe to say, he was saved by the bell there so back to the stools. They go 60 seconds to recover here, we’re gon na fight on. Ladies and gentlemen, another round coming up so with that our next round is underway. It looked like. Maybe we wouldn’t get here. There was a close attempt on a submission in the previous round, but the fighter released another round. It was very, very close. It fits in i’m Applause.

Well, not only has he stayed aggressive as he was in the previous round landing a high volume of strikes, but he’s also been efficient, not just with his strikes, but also with his body movement, complete performance out of this fighter here tonight. Well, he has stayed busy and he has stayed active. Nice combination very accurate. A lot of activity in the hands looked phenomenal. Look at the whip action that comes just throwing that kick oh he’s in trouble. Oh, he might be out and just like that, the fight is over unbelievable, beautiful, shot to end the fight right there. It couldn’t have landed much more flush than it did and i’m, not even sure. The opponent saw it coming quite frankly, so near perfect execution on the strike that ultimately results in the ko here tonight. All right, let’s get you some replays, now, certainly a lot for our replay guys to work within the truck. This was a clinic tonight in terms of mixed martial arts acumen in every realm of looking a full on display of all of his skills. He did everything in his championship winning performance. He used his wrestling. He used his elbows. He used his pace and pressure to really wear down his opponent so that he can get his hand raised. Ladies and gentlemen, referee hearn dean is going to stop to this contest. At 46 seconds of round number three, the Applause winner well, there will be no shutting that smile off tonight.

The celebration is on as he gets a huge win by knockout tonight. I got ta think there are a few better feelings in the world than walking into an octagon and candidly knocking another man out yeah, you shut a person’s lights off. Man there’s, nothing like it.